Pidge Industries, LLC is an Illinois Domestic Limited Liability Company.  Its origins go back to 2010 when Lt. Cdr. (Ret.) John A. “Sandy” Pidgeon, Jr., US Navy SEALS, and Michael J. Fleck (B.S. Chem. and J.D.) devised an advanced portable water treatment unit.  They were awarded a U.S. Patent for the device.  Pidge Industries, LLC was created in 2015 to design, manufacture and market a product line based on this patented design.  This go anywhere system uses advanced treatment technologies to give users the freedom and confidence to have safe, pure drinking water anywhere.

Safe drinking water is quickly becoming a serious global issue, and fresh water sources are becoming scarce.  Finding safe, potable water can be an immediate and critical problem.  Using the patented Pidge Industries portable system, Third World locations with unsafe or contaminated water infrastructure; areas subject to natural disasters where the primary water sources are decimated or temporarily unavailable; individuals who spend time in the outdoors; and military personnel will find the advanced oxidation system convenient, simple and (at times) a lifesaving piece of equipment.