Pidge Industries, LLC is an Illinois Domestic Limited Liability Company.  Its origins go back to 2010 when Lt. Cdr. (Ret.) John A. “Sandy” Pidgeon, Jr., US Navy SEALS, and Michael J. Fleck (B.S. Chem. and J.D.) devised an advanced portable water treatment unit.  They were awarded a U.S. Patent for the device.  Pidge Industries, LLC was created in 2015 to design, manufacture and market a product line based on this patented design.  This go anywhere system uses advanced treatment technologies to give users the freedom and confidence to have safe, pure drinking water anywhere.

Safe, quality drinking water is quickly becoming a serious global issue. Even some treated water sources contain dangerous parasites and bacteria.  US domestic tap water is also filled with high chlorine amounts, heavy metals, and unused drugs such as estrogen, opioids, and other discarded medicines left unaffected by waste water treatment.  Using the patented Pidge Industries tabletop system, anyone can effectively remove these dangerous pollutants while saving the valuable minerals, unlike reverse osmosis treatment. Water is enriched with ozone, and the process is more effective than all other treatments.  The system is also valuable during natural disasters where the cleanliness of water has been compromised by the environmental pollutants.  Persons traveling or living overseas will find the advanced oxidation system convenient, simple, and possibly, a lifesaving piece of equipment. It is as easy to use as your coffee maker.